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Tumbles Indoor Learning Playground Glen Rock

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175 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ
4 months-9 years

Tumbles Growth Development Classes 

Tumbles growth development programs are divided into two different skill-based categories:  Parent-Participation Classes for ages 4 months to 3 years, and Independent Classes for ages 3 to 12 years. Both programs are designed to develop many skills, rather than just one, and offer at least eight different activities per weekly class, varying week-to-week, to keep your Tumbler on their toes! With a focus on developing every child's social, physical and cognitive skills, each level is specifically designed to engage and challenge your child based on his or her age and developmental milestones.

Squeakers (4-10 months)
Even Squeakers have a lot to say and Tumbles loves to listen. In this class, children learn how to crawl through tunnels, ride on cool toys, do thumb pull-ups, manipulate objects, and follow along with songs. In the development of these skills, understanding of speech improves and a sense of trust starts to develop. Squeakers also start gaining a better awareness of things around them and begin understanding cause/effect. (45 minutes)

Wobblers (11-18 months)
They may wobble as they walk but Wobblers have unparalleled determination that makes everything a discovery. This Tumbles class encourages curiosity as your Tumbler learns how to push toys, kick a ball, walk on the balance beam, start basic tumbling techniques, sing songs and interact with others. In the development of these skills the children get to explore the gym, and interact with big magical bubbles, all while sharpening their vocabulary skills and gaining more muscle control. (45 minutes)

Wigglers (19 months - 2.5 years)
Children love to wiggle, and there’s no stopping them in this Wigglers class! They’ll learn how to walk up soft steps, climb a ladder, kick a soccer ball, jump on a trampoline, and begin basic climbing techniques for the rock wall. In the development of these skills, Wigglers get to participate in an obstacle course, gain confidence in their own abilities and learn how to interact with other children and trainers. (60 minutes)

Twos (2.5 years - 3 years)
There’re no such thing as terrible twos in this Twos class! Your child will learn skills that teach them how to climb a rope ladder, skillfully fly on the trapeze, and tumble. In the development of these skills, children also enhance their vocabulary, gain running abilities, learn how to become more independent and perform in front of their peers. (60 minutes)


Stompers/Jumpers (3-6 years)
Children enjoy stomping through their world with confidence, and our Stompers/Jumpers class allows them to do just that. With mom and dad taking less of a participatory role. Children really get to let loose. They’ll learn skills such as how to do a headstand, swing on the monkey bars, and participate in fun interactive games. In the development of these skills, children learn cooperative play, how to follow directions, teamwork and balance coordination. This class is also designed to strengthen their independence. (60 minutes)

Gymnastic Jr (3-9 years) – coming in Winter 2019
A real gymnastics program for kids five to nine years old. Kids will increase flexibility and muscle control, and they will gain the fundamental tools to get serious about gymnastics. The Tumbles Gymnastics Kids program is in accordance with USA Gymnastics Compulsory Level Preparation Skills for the following: bars, beam, high bar, floor, vault, and rings. And unlike traditional gyms, Tumbles program is non-competitive, so your Tumbler can learn and grow within their individual strengths without any added pressure.

Ninja Warrior Training (4-9 years) – coming up in Winter 2019
Train like a ninja, navigating through different obstacle courses each week.  Run, jump, hop, swing and climb our giant warped wall. 


Throughout the week Tumbles has set hours of open gym play for members and non-members alike to enjoy some play time with their children. It is open for all ages and while there are no structured activities going on there is always a trainer present to help supervise along with the parents to ensure and a fun and safe play environment for all.


Tumbles birthday parties are especially popular among Tumblers and parents alike. Providing the birthday child and his or her best friends with action-packed excitement, everything is included from games to music, swinging to sports, dancing to zip lines! The parties are private and parents love that they can relax while Tumbles takes care of everything.


At Tumbles, we understand that exercising young minds and bodies is important. So is having fun. Our goal is to make learning not only a great experience, but also a rewarding one. From four months to nine years, our unique programs help build upon social and developmental skills in a fun and nurturing environment that’s fun for you and your Tumbler.

As you enjoy watching your child develop a more confident, capable mind and body right before your eyes, you’ll understand why Tumbles truly is “a learning playground". Tumblers practice physical activities to develop fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, and sports preparation. Of course, we accomplish all this in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere that allows each child to grow in his or her own way, at a comfortable pace. Our Tumblers emerge happier, healthier and better prepared to grow into young adults.

Peek into a Tumbles and your kids will see a wonderfully inspired playground with friendly, approachable instructors, who will truly make you smile as you watch your child squeal in delight. At Tumbles, we truly care about helping parents fulfil their children’s physical, social and personal potential.

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