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Ming Hui School

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791 Eisenhower Ave., Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807
(908) 240-2907


Our Mission

Ming Hui School is a bilingual Chinese School, which accepts students of various ages and various cultural backgrounds. We provide the profound traditional culture , Classical arts and Chinese language classes in small classes. We provide students with personalized attention and nurture students to become well-educated individuals of exemplary moral character. Our goal is to connect students with the wisdom of traditional Culture and open the door to success !

Youth Programs:

  • Chinese Language Lessons K- 8 grade
  • Chinese As Second Language (CSL) Level  1- 5
  • Chinese Painting or Calligraphy         
  • Fine Art programs  

      (Basic drawing skills, sketch, watercolor, oil painting, prepare portfolio )

  • Chinese Traditional Dance    
  • Piano and other instruments Classes

Adult Classes:

  • Adult Chinese Language Lessons
  • Chinese Painting or Calligraphy   


Class Time and address:

Location 1:  Weekend School, Bridgewater

791 Eisenhower Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Saturday: 1:30 PM–5:30 PM

Contact : 929-476-8108;  347-822-9960

Location 2:  Ming Hui Art Center, Edison

2015 NJ-27Suite 102, Edison, NJ 08817

Contact : 818-748-5350


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